you’ll kiss the designer for this edgy modern table setting

So, first things first, I am not what you might call a girly girl. Sure, I get dolled up now and then, but you will more often find me in rarely washed jeans and a tee shirt. But, when I saw these Maisonette Plates on Anthropologie’s website, I was beguiled.

Maybe it was the pure pop genius of the lips. Or maybe, this particular collaboration with Clare V. just makes me smile. Either way, I begged Liz to go buy these for us and shocker – she agreed they were amazing.  In fact, she still can’t believe I fell in love with something so cute and soooo pink.


Choosing a color scheme was easy. I wanted to let these plates live up to their full pop potential, so I chose to mostly use black, white and gray. The only real color on this table comes from the plates and flowers, which makes them stand out even that much more.

A few variations of pink warms everything up. Even though I am punk rock at heart, I really hate things that feel cold. Even all the black in my closet has a warm tone, and don’t get me started on my white walls. Yes, they are white, but they are white flour not white flower.

P.S. If you know the difference, I can recommend a good OCD therapist. 


I keep using the word pop to describe this table. I suppose all these lips make me think of Lichtenstein or Kate Spade. But, there’s also a little something surreal about this particular table scape. Maybe it’s because I decided to pair all of my floating lips with vases that look like heads exploding with flowers. Lovely heads, but heads not the less. What can I say? I like to keep things weird.

I added Acacia Wood Charges from Target to make my design a little more down-to-earth, then continued the whimsy with Black and White Patterned Napkins from World Market that feature avant-garde leaves (or feathers according to Liz.) Either way, they are kind of natural and super cool, so who cares.


But, let’s talk more about those heads, shall we? Pots with faces have been trending for a while.  So much so, that I easily found these Face Vases on several websites including Amazon. I thought these little ladies deserved a really fun and flowy hair style, which I achieved with naturally cascading greenery.

I started with ferns and silver dollar eucalyptus for wild looking greens, added red ranunculus and Japanese sweet peas for color and a few pink Hypericum berries for texture. The important thing when mimicking these arrangements is the flowy greens and bright red flowers. Garden roses will totally work here, as will a few hearty snips from that Boston fern on your front porch.


Once we started shooting this table, I tried to imagine how I would use it. A fancy brunch with crepes and croissants came to mind. But who am I kidding? I’ve never hosted a brunch in my life!  I’m too busy sleeping in/recovering on the weekends to mess with cooking before noon. 

Then I thought something French might do the trick here. A simple roasted chicken or Salad Niçoise, but then I realized we haven’t really delved into my French recipes yet on the blog, so how about tacos? They are fun, casual, and can be served any time of day.

I am particularly fond of Korean BBQ Beef Tacos and have perfected this recipe over the years. Pair them with a Street Corn Salad and a Tres Leche Mexican Milk Cake and you really can’t go wrong. And don’t forget about the tequila. A Bee Sting wouldn’t hurt. Ha! See what I did there?

Whatever you decide to pair with this fun and funky table, I’m sure will be a hit. Hell, pick up some tacos from your favorite food truck and warm them in the oven. I’ll never tell.


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