Jen and I are still tweaking our content to make sure our readers are getting the best we have to offer. So you might see some small changes around here. Our goal is for everything we put out in the world to be not only fun and pretty, but also USEFUL. For example, this post on why I love my Nespresso machine is a no brainer. 

We want our recipes to be both yummy and simple to execute. We’re ready to help you set the table without wanting to pull your hair out. Most importantly, we think you should feel like you can host your own dinner party for 12 and not be overwhelmed. And to do that, we want to share the life-changing tools and gadgets we know from experience will make everything easier.

Talk to US

We would also love your feedback and questions. Yes, reach out and interact with us. We are NOT scary. The opposite really. We like to cook, play with flowers, bicker like the Golden Girls and have a few too many cocktails. Well, actually Jen can be a little scary. She’s still a bit emo and moody from her teenage years, but I’m all sarcasm and glitter, unless it’s before I have coffee, then maybe I can be a little scary too.

Our Favorite Things

So, back to the new plan. We have decided that once a week we will hop on here and share one of our favorite things with you. Yes, if you buy it we might make a tiny commission. No, that is not why we are doing it. We genuinely want to share the life-changing, can’t-live-without products we love. The kind of items you bring to a “favorite things” gift exchange or keep telling your friends and family about because you genuinely love them – the products and people respectively. 

I love fancy coffee

Now let’s dig right in on my first favorite thing and why I love this Nespresso machine so much. Do you drink coffee every morning? And if so, do you like fancy coffee – like fancy almond milk caramel latte fancy? If you answered yes to both, then this one’s for you! 

I figured out I was spending at least $25 a week at Starbucks. Simple math brings that to about $100 a month or $1200 a year. That is not ok! But regular coffee from a pot just wouldn’t cut it anymore. I also wasn’t ready to devote the time or money to a full on, $3k espresso maker. Enter my life-changing and beloved Nespresso machine!

The Essenza Mini Espresso Machine and Aeroccino Frother

Seriously, before I purchased this thing I used to roll my eyes at the George Clooney commercials. Give me a break, it’s just coffee. But I have to tell you, it is DAMN GOOD espresso! And don’t get me started on the Aeroccino milk frother. It is quick, quiet, tiny and magical. Steve and I just went to the beach for a week and I packed both the Essenza mini Nespresso machine AND the Aeroccino in my suitcase. Yes, I’m that person now. 

I Still Heart Starbucks 

I still treat myself to Starbucks about once a week when I’m being super lazy or am in a giant hurry, but I’ve figured out my own personal recipe and can barely taste the difference. My Starbucks order is a soy latte with sugar-free vanilla syrup. Now I can achieve this at home with Silk Soy Vanilla, two intense shots of Nespresso and about half an ounce of the Starbucks brand vanilla syrup. It takes about 2 minutes to make and is saving me hundreds of dollars a year. So yes, I honestly do love my Nespresso machine and if you are a fancy coffee junkie, I think you will too!

PS – a shot of Nespresso with Rumchata is to die for, but maybe save that one for a vacation day. 


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