This is by far one of my favorite high impact, low cost Halloween DIY projects. I first came across these paper bats years ago on Martha Stewart’s website, and although the templates have changed throughout the years, the result is always spectacularly spooky. Honestly, it almost seems too easy, but these bat silhouettes can transform any wall, ceiling, or porch into an eerie Halloween backdrop.


 Heavy Black Construction Paper

Bat Template



Double Sided Tape for Bats

Removable Adhesive such as Zots

Fishing line

How to Make

 Step 1: Download and print the bat templates here.

 Step 2: Cut out the template(s.)

 Step 3: Trace the outline of the templates on the black construction paper.

 Step 4: Cut out the bat silhouettes.

 Step 5: Using double sided tape, attach the wings.

 Step 6: Fold the wings along the tape line if you want your bats in flight. In addition to that fold, fold the wings next to the bat’s body if you want hanging sleeping bats.

 Step 7: If attaching to a wall, put Zots or other removable adhesive in strategic points. I put adhesive near the bat’s shoulders and right past the bend in the wing to give it a three-dimensional look.

 Step 8: If you are hanging flying bats from the ceiling, pierce the middle of the body with a needle and thread fishing line through it. Then attach it to the ceiling with removable adhesive tape or hooks.

 Step 9: If you are hanging “sleeping” bats, pierce the bottom of the body with a needle and thread fishing line through it. Attach the fishing line to the ceiling with removable adhesive or hooks.

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