We’ve all seen ghosts made from cheesecloth. But when draped over a styrofoam mannequin head, a simple DIY ghost turns into a hauntingly realistic spirit. You can find styrofoam head forms at most wig/beauty supply stores as well as online.



Styrofoam mannequin heads

Sponge brush

Mod Podge

Screw eyes if hanging

Poles if staking in the ground

How to Make

 Step 1: Apply a layer of cheesecloth to head, then generously brush over head and face with glue. Use hands to smooth the cloth into the facial features. Don’t brush down the neck; stop at chin level so the fabric is loose below that.

STEP 2: Repeat until you have 4 layers (each 7 feet long) of cheesecloth. Let dry thoroughly. (No need to dry between layers.)


STEP 3: Tatter edges of cloth with scissors if desired. Attach a screw eye with a bit of glue to the top of the head; thread with fishing line to hang from hooks or affix heads to the stop of tall poles and place in the ground.

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