In case you didn’t read part one of our fondue party, I’ll catch you up. Jen likes fondue. Liz also likes fondue. They had too many ideas for one menu, so this is table number 2. Yes, that intro does in fact f***ing rhyme. God, I really amuse me sometimes.

Let’s Get Crafty

As with the Part 1 Galentine’s Table, we had to substitute curtain panels for a tablecloth on this table also. Seriously, we really don’t like to make our lives any more difficult than they need to be, but the selection of fun tablecloths in the world is really lacking. Someone on Etsy that sews, please take a hint.

That being said, World Market is bringing it with the patterned curtains and we are here for it!

We layered these pretty panels over a plain white tablecloth and matched the pattern down the middle. Again, there is a ton of stuff on this table, so no one will ever notice.

 We also made our own fondue warmers out of these cute handled soup bowls from Amazon and these votive holders from Ikea. The fit on these isn’t as perfect as table one, so we stuck a little alien tape on the bottom of the bowls to make sure they couldn’t be pushed off their stands.

You really only need small plates for this meal, but that looked weird for maximalists like us, so we used these Jungalow Appetizer Plates on Brass Charger Plates for some bling and paired them with our favorite glasses of all time – Anthro’s Waterfall Coupes. Seriously, these are worth every penny. Go ahead and splurge.

Again, the presentation of food is the real eye-catcher on this table, so we only used a few small bud vases with flowers for a little pop of color.

Now for the Fondue

This menu is a bit more traditional than the first table and we started with a Classic Swiss Cheese Fondue this time. This fondue recipe is the only traditional fondue recipe you will ever make again. It is that good – just don’t forget the cherry brandy. It really makes all the difference.

Our main course was a take on a classic seafood boil. We served up boiled lobster tail, crab legs and shrimp with a cajun-inspired Spicy Garlic Butter Sauce. There are a sh*t ton of garlic cloves in this recipe and Liz still wanted to use more. She really has some serious issues. Regardless, this sauce is so good you’ll want to serve extra bread to dip.

The dessert was a Classic Chocolate Fondue. Like the cheese fondue, this recipe also calls for cherry brandy, so just get a bottle already. In fact, if you do buy a bottle, let us know and we’ll post some cocktail recipes for you. See how thoughtful we are?

We served our fondue with strawberries, bananas, various cookies, and potato chips. You know, because sweet and salty is perfection.

No matter what you like, we definitely have you covered for Galentine’s. So, what are you waiting for?  Melt some cheese and invite the girls over. It’s time to show them how “fondue” you are of them. I kill me.

 Cheers girls!


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