How many times do you walk by the aisle of flowers at your grocery store and just pick up one of the pre-made bouquets? Maybe you like a few of the flowers, not all of them, but something is better than nothing, right? Well, we’re here to help you make your own beautiful arrangements without access to any special floral markets!


Most floral arrangements consist of three main elements:

  • Focal/larger flowers
  • Filler/smaller flowers
  • Greenery

Today we visited Trader Joes and here’s what we grabbed:

  • Focal: Roses, Pin Cushion Protea
  • Filler: Mums, Snapdragons. Hypericum Berries, Wax Flowers
  • Greenery: Eucalyptus


Now, what are you going to put them in? You have two main options to keep your flowers alive. A vase of water or water-soaked floral foam.

Jen and I prefer floral foam, because it’s easier to get each stem to stay exactly where you want it. If you haven’t used floral foam before and this sounds strange and overwhelming, we are here to walk you through it. 

You can buy foam at craft stores like Michael’s or online at Amazon. There are two types: one for dry faux flower arrangements and one for live. Be sure you buy the kind for live flowers.

Next, make the foam fit your vessel. I usually flip my pot over and press it into the foam just enough to form an indentation as a guide. Then I use a sharp knife to cut the foam around the indentation. Remember, it doesn’t have to be perfect…no one is ever going to see it. Function only. 

Next, soak your foam. Don’t force it, as it soaks up water it will sink. When it is fully submerged and there are no bubbles of air escaping, you are ready to go.


Place the foam in your vessel. Grab your shears, now the designing begins! 

For a basic arrangement, start with a base of greenery. Next, trim and place your focal flowers. Finally, fill in with filler flowers and extra greenery.

Spin your design and check it from all sides looking for any holes. Fill in with filler as needed. Your beautiful pro floral arrangement is complete!



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