Colorful Fall Botanical Inspiration

unexpected fall colors

We showed you how to dry and dye botanicals for fall, now it’s time to make something pretty with them! These three ideas will bring a fresh fall look into every room.

The Dried FLORAL Arrangement

The most basic of all botanicals is to create a simple (or not so simple)arrangement. In this instance we used brightly dyed florals and pampas grass for a punchy fall look. 

Learn how to dye your own dried florals.



Everyone loves a fall wreath to welcome in friends and family. All you need is a wreath, like the gold metal one we used here, dried botanicals and wire and hot glue to affix the botanicals to the wreath. 


Whether you are using this to create a fun fall mantle or just draping across a bookcase. This garland is easy to make. All you need is some string, a tapestry needle and the items you will string, IN this instance we used wooden beads dyed in RIT dye and dehydrated oranges.

Learn how to make your own dried oranges.

Have fun creating your own attangements and be sure to send us pics via the comments below or through social media @weareprettytogether for Insta and @prettytogether for Meta.

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