A Purr-fectly Campy Valentine’s Day Table

long live leopard print

Let’s be honest, Valentine’s Day décor has always been a little campy. Big red hearts, naked cherubs, crushed velvet, it’s essentially the type of décor you’d expect to find in a 1960s red light district, and we are not going to lie – WE LOVE IT.  

So, it’s no surprise that when Liz scored these leopard plates, she didn’t even have to ask if I approved. Fuschia? Check. Animal print? Check. Jen approval? Double check. It’s like she knows me or something.

But then she did something shocking. When we were deciding what to do for our Valentine’s tables, she agreed that pairing the leopard salad plates with polka dot dinner plates was the best option. OMG. What is happening? First, I put together a subdued almost minimalist table and then she goes all in on pattern and color. It’s like it’s freaky Friday over here or something.

Pattern. Color. Repeat.

Obviously, the leopard print plates were the inspiration for this table and that’s where we started. We paired them with these Thyme and Table Stoneware Dinner Plates from Walmart. Yes, I said Walmart. I honestly couldn’t believe it either, but there you have it. And to “class it up” we used these modern Saro Graphite Chargers from Amazon. 

Since we were going all in, we paired our place settings with Raspberry Linen Napkins from Crate and Barrel and added Gold Flatware. The Buchanan Glasses from CB2 might be the fanciest thing on the table, but the smoked glass is totally worth the splurge. Finally, we added a simple Aspen Martini Glass from Crate and Barrel.

Sweet Peas for your Sweeties

Finding flowers in February isn’t easy and most of what we used in this arrangement came from Trader Joe’s. We stuck to red-orange roses, purple wax flowers, a little Eucalyptus and a few pale purple Chrysanthemums, all of which they had in abundance. Our only splurge on Florist’s Row were the white Japanese Sweet Peas you see poking out of the top. But come on, they were just too sweet to resist.

By the way, did you notice the wax flowers in the drinks? We are pretty proud of that. We simply put a toothpick and stem together, then secured them with Maraschino Cherries. Perfecto!


I love that this table can be used in different ways. It’s perfect for a romantic night with someone special or a rambunctious evening with the girls. Personally, I will always opt for an evening with the girls, but a good cuddle is always nice too!




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