Jen was the leader on these Clare V. Lip Plates from Anthropologie. You might say she was a bit obsessed with them. I thought they were super cool, but I wasn’t really sure how to use them. Of course, I wasn’t going to let Jen have all the fun, so I started brainstorming some table ideas.

I definitely felt like I wanted to go preppy and chic – very Kate Spade. There is a very specific look she commands with black and white stripes and pops of fuchsia. I decided that I would rework her iconic aesthetic with bright red and add something unexpected to make it my own


So, what goes with red lips? Was there a way I could incorporate lipstick into this table? And then it hit me. When I think red lips, I think of getting dressed up and going out. And when I get really dressed up, like bright red lipstick dressed up, I wear the sexiest heels I own – stilettos.

Ok, truth be told, I don’t rock stilettos anymore. After years of wearing said stilettos as a young woman, I developed bunions as an older, but still sexy woman and had to have surgery. Now I when I get dressed up, I like to rock a moderate wedge. LOL.  

But seriously, what was I going to do with stilettos on a dinner table? Could I stick some flowers in them? Maybe make a few arrangements? Turns out, the answer is a resounding yes!


I originally planned on using a variety of cooler reds and pinks to keep things fresh and crisp. But in the end, I couldn’t seem to keep myself away from the warmer tones and decided on cherry hues and even oranges, which perfectly complemented my coral lip plates.


When I saw this Watercolor Poppy Tablecloth on Amazon, I just had to have it. The bold graphic makes everything seem lively and fun. I anchored my place settings with some beautiful Black Tava Rattan Placemats I found at Pottery Barn, and used bold, black and white Buffalo Check Napkins, also from Amazon, to add that classic Kate Spade vibe. 

In that same Kate Spade vein, I opted for these very sexy Verve Champaign Glasses, and Staccato White Dinner Plates from Crate and Barrel. Both feature amazing details like glass bubbles and raised dots for that added dimension. Then, I added sleek black and gold Shay Flatware from World Market. And just so I wouldn’t take myself too seriously, I threw these adorable lip straws from Etsy into my glassware. I mean, can you drink champaign out of straw? Yes. But, should you? Also, yes.


Obviously, the floral arrangements made out of size twelve, patent leather stilettos steal the show. All I did was stuff the shoes with pre-soaked floral foam and create the arrangement like any other.

I used very few greens and an abundance of red and orange roses, all of which I found at Trader Joes. Poppies are rare and I had to hit up our floral market to find them, but these would have been just as pretty without them.

When making these arrangements, just be sure to keep them balanced. The weight of the flowers and wet foam will give them enough weight to stand, but you want to make sure that weight is evenly distributed. Nothing is less attractive than wobbly heels.


I think this table is perfect for a fun lady’s luncheon or bridal shower, don’t you? Along with serving champaign, I recommend featuring a Pink Cherry Blossom Cocktail, which is delightfully pink in tone, to kick things off. 

Then, I’d serve some of my classic day-to-evening party favorites: BLT Salad, Lemony Shrimp with Capers, and Mini Cherry Pies.

Oh, and last but not least, put out some Strawberry Bread. Not only will it match the table, but it’s also super easy and Fan-F***ing-Tastic!

Pop. Fizz. Clink.

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