Don’t get me wrong. I love a good cozy set up for a chilly fall evening, but sometimes I want something more sophisticated than plaid and wood. Enter this chic fall table scape that combines super modern place settings with warm tones and textures. Fall has never looked so fabulous, if I do say so myself.

Swayed by Plates

If I’m being completely honest this whole table scape was inspired by the Sway Salad Plates from West Elm. Did I need the plates? No. Did I want the plates? Yes. Will they bring me joy? Abso-f***ing-lutely! And this is why I own too many dishes and why Liz and I had to start renting table scapes to justify our bad habits. Yes, you can actually rent this whole table!!! It’s right here.

But, I digress. The Sway Plates are delightfully different from most of the dinnerware out there and when paired with a few other West Elm finds, you can really excel at this modern cozy vibe. I love these Bronze Reactive Glaze Plates and Pewter Chargers paired with a simple set of Briggs Flatware.  

Since you can’t avoid all the neutral pinks out there, these Flax Linen Napkins are just enough to give a nod to the old-but-new-again mauve moment in design right now. Paired with the Edge Champagne Glasses from Crate and Barrel, these Villeroy and Boch Wine Glasses are just funky enough to add a little vintage texture and interest.

Let’s Talk Flowers

I have a thing for flowers that look alien in nature. Maybe it’s because I always liked Little Shop of Horrors. That’s why the orange Pincushions are the stars of these arrangements. Not that you can’t achieve this look with a variety of greens and a few orange blooms like ranunculus, but the pincushions are worth the splurge if you can find them. 

Hot tip- I often use good faux options for weird blooms like these. They are so strange that no one ever notices they are fake – especially when you strip the leaves and place them in live greens.


Lately I’ve been really into simple meals that make an impact. Perhaps I’m conserving my energy for the upcoming holidays, but this simple combo of Orange Glazed Pork Chops and Brown Butter Mashed Potatoes is always a hit with my friends. Make some Sour Cream Sweet Cornbread as a side and I promise everyone will clean their plates.  

If you want to really lean into the orange theme, start the night off with a Mandarine Muddler or classic Sazerac. You really can’t make guests feel more welcome than having a specialty cocktail waiting for them when they arrive. Just think of it as lubricant for the evening’s dinner conversation.



P.S. I mentioned you can rent this entire table right!?! So what are you waiting for? We’ve made throwing this exact party almost as easy as ordering pizza. 

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