So, this table is not at all what I had planned, but I love it none-the-less. Jen and I are both a bit Type A, especially when it comes to design. Ok, maybe more than a bitHourlong conversations debating the subtleties of blue green vs. green blue probably indicate a real deep-seated personal problem, but let’s forgo any drawn out self-reflection right now.  


As a “Creative Type A,” once I have a design plan in my head, I tend to see it through in a rather anal-retentive sort of way. However, sometimes sh*t happens, and you just have to let yourself be fluid. Again, this is torture for me. Letting go and embracing change is not a characteristic of a control freak!   


recently found a modern watercolor painting saturated with blues and greens that I absolutely loved. I loved it so much that it inspired me to create a cool tablescape drenched in these calming hues. 

I imagined lush greens, soft aquas, and a bit of bold blue, but somehow ended up with a very muted, none-the-less beautiful, version of my original plan. This was partially due to the fact that after purchasing blue Lagos Glasses from Crate and Barrel and teal green Belmont Dinner Plates from Target, I went a little crazy over some sage and gold Art Deco Glasses from World Market and suddenly found myself reworking my entire plan. (Look at me being fluid.) 


Although tempting, I did not want to go completely down the art deco rabbit hole, so I decided to add several design styles and textures to the table. I started with a casual Gray Striped Linen Tablecloth from Target and Black Tava Natural Placemats from Pottery BarnThen, I added some funky Alvero Salad Plates from World Market for a bit of modern tribal vibe magic. I kept my flatware to an absolute minimum and tied it together with a light green Cotton Slub Napkin.

The result was a mix of high and low styles: flashy glasses and fuss-free linens, shiny serve ware and matte metals, and last but not least, over-the-top tropical greens in a modern minimalist vase. 


Seriously though, let’s talk about this centerpiece for a hot second. First of all, it’s not going to break the bank. It is mostly greenery mixed with a few poppy pods and some hints of white with the Queen Anne’s Lace and Veronica White Wands, neither of which are expensive blooms.

Second, so long as I kept my floral foam wet, the greens in this arrangement lasted well over a MONTH without wilting. Yes, you read that correctly – this arrangement lasted over a month. I’ve killed potted plants faster than that!

So, if you are hosting an event or dinner and want florals that you can finish well ahead of time, like weeks ahead of time, these are perfect choices. The long tropical leaves are Variegated Ti leaves and the main bushy filler is Plum Pine (Podocarpus). If you do want to add some flowers, like the Queen Anne’s Lace, just pop a few stems in a day before your event.


Obviously, this table is perfect for a warm summer day in the park. Seriously, it really didn’t take us long to transport and set up this table, and Jen and I had several passersby ask when we were serving cocktails and apps. 

Just imagine how cute this picnic could be. You could serve up some yummy park-friendly treats like Broccoli Ricotta Toasts with Hot Honey, Orzo Spinach and Tomato Salad, and Carmel Pretzel Cookies. Maybe add some cucumber to your water or sip on a Blackberry Cocktail. Sounds so refreshing, right?! Sowhat are you waiting for? Call some of those people you’re been missing and head to your nearest park!


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