This understated Valentine’s table is really unlike me. Not only am I a self-certified Valentine’s hater, but I also rarely do anything understated. Maybe I’m mellowing with age or I just see Valentine’s differently thanks to the Galentine’s episode of Parks and Rec. Whatever the reason, this tablescape design is surprisingly chic and will make your besties feel instantly classy upon arrival.

Ya Basic

So, you’ll notice that there really isn’t anything overtly Valentines-y about this table. The base is, well, pretty basic. I started with these Matte Grey Wren Dinner Plates and White Wren Salad Plates from Crate and Barrel. Next, I topped each plate with Blush Marin Napkins folded and fanned into Gold Triangle Napkin Rings also from Crate and Barrel. 

By the way, I really love these napkin rings. Not only is the shape clean and modern, but they also lay perfectly on any surface. Form and function for the win here!

To add a little bling to each place setting, I added a Gold Plated Charger, but to keep with my understated theme I went for this Beacon Matte Black Flatware instead of gold, which would have also worked here. Then I added these beautiful Edge Champagne Flutes and Gold Double Old Fashioned Glasses to upgrade this look from simple to elegant.

Let’s Talk Bubbles

No Galentine’s table would be complete without bubbles. There are so many inexpensive and great options out there that there’s really no reason to deprive yourself. I am personally a huge fan of Spanish Cava. I know, I know, it’s not real champagne, and nothing beats the Widow Clicquot – seriously though, prove me wrong. However, Cavas, Proseccos and Sparkling Wines have made the effervescent delights of champagne available to the other 99% out there and damn it, we deserve it. I mean how else will we wash down our cake?

I think these individual bottles of Segura Viudas Sparkling Rose are really fun and set the mood for the party to come. Plus, they totally match, so they are kind of a no-brainer. 

Totally off topic, but there used to be a club in St. Louis that served cheap mini-bottles like this and holy sh*t, from what I remember it made for an excellent, albeit fuzzy night out. It also made for an awful, terrible, horrible morning after, but we’ll skip that discussion in favor of nicer things. Let’s talk flowers.

 Red Tulips Forever

February is generally a bad month for flower shopping, unless you want overpriced red roses. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t make something special. For instance, take this particular arrangement. It’s primarily made of greenery with just a few large statement flowers spread throughout and red tulips – a variety that is almost always available a few months before spring. 

Did I mention that tulips are one of my favorite flowers? My grandmother used to give me red tulips every Valentine’s day, and I’m honestly not sure if I liked them before that and that’s why she bought them, or she always bought them for me and that made me love them. Either way, February is always tulip season for me.

However, the real showstopper of this arrangement are the Proteas. Pro tip here: Some of the faux and freeze-dried flowers out there are really quite good. If you are in a jam, mix a few fakes in with your live bunch. Exotic species like protea look alien and fake anyway, so I guarantee no one will be able to tell the difference. 



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