I swear, the Goddess plates were an accident. I went into Anthropologie to grab these adorable Lip Plates that are part of a Clare V collaboration (LOVE Clare V!), and I saw the Hestia Goddess Plates and had to have those too. I called Jen and told her I had been sidetracked and couldn’t help myself. (Squirrel!)

We loved these plates so much that we felt like we needed to create several tables with them, so this is the first of a couple.


I don’t know about you, but I have been loving this overflowing green trend. COVID has forced us all back into our homes, and for many of us, it has rekindled our love of house plants.

My take on the goddess was to represent the bountifulness of Mother Nature, the Goddess of the Earth. I didn’t want other colors to detract from the lush, organic green feel, so as you can see, green is literally the only color on this table.


I imagine earth goddesses aren’t very fussy. They probably like lounging in the grass and occasionally getting their hands dirty. With that in mind, I made sure this tabletop stayed au naturel. 

The goddess plates were laid on top of large leaves then placed on Crate & Barrel Bali Round Abaca Placemats that are made of natural grass. Even the World Market Napkins from World Market feature wildlife feathers – or maybe leaves? They are definitely abstract natural something. 

Of course, this tabletop ode to nature, doesn’t mean I expect my goddess friends to sit on the ground or harvest their own meal. I mean they are goddesses – right!?! So, I paired all of my natural elements with a more formal black and white base to keep it classy – at least for the first half of the evening. Should anyone drink too much and decide to roll around in the dirt later, that’s fine by me.


All of these arrangements use various houseplants, herbs, fruits and veggies. They smell divine and are meant to live long after your dinner party. Both of these arrangements are planted in potting soil. So if you are feeling generous, you can even send them home with your guests!

I chose to mostly use succulents, because they are low maintenance and add great texture. Then I substituted my go to “flower pods” with brussels sprouts. Simply stick them on long toothpicks and shove them in there for added interest.


I also scattered a few artichokes around, because well, why not? I’ve always found the symmetry of artichokes astonishing. Nature truly amazes me.

Small pears add a touch of chartreuse. And honestly, I meant to write names on the pears and use them as place cards, but we were running out of light. That being said, I highly recommend that approach to a seating arrangement.


So, you may be thinking I should recommend a Brussels sprout or artichoke dish to the evening’s menu. The thing is, I like to keep my dinner party menus surprising. And truth be told, Jen and I both HATE preparing fresh artichokes. Someday we’ll dedicate an entire post to our disdain for these beautiful, but beastly vegetables, but I digress.

To get everyone in the mood, start the evening with a Verdant Lady. This colorful drink will seduce even the pickiest party goer. Then dazzle everyone with a bright, fresh and vibrant vegetarian menu.

Some of my very favorite vegetarian dishes are from the cookbook Plenty by Yotam Ottolenghi. The Zucchini Squash with Feta and Buckwheat is one of my go-to dishes. And, you really can’t go wrong with the Fennel Panzanella Salad.  I could go on and on – so just go buy the book damn it! You will not be disappointed.

If you must have meat, serve up some savory Herbed Lamb Chops. This particular recipe is easy and should do the trick. And don’t forget about dessert. When everyone tastes your Thyme Honey &  Yogurt Cheesecake – they’ll wish they hadn’t actually finished all their veggies!

Now on to Goddess Table number 2. Cheers bitches! (I mean goddesses.)

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