because fruit is good for you

 Excuse my french, but f*** sweet and sour mix. Seriously, I spent way too many years thinking margaritas were kind of gross. Sure, I’d partake in a pitcher of lime green bullshit with my friends, but it wasn’t my favorite. I’d put those sour drinks in the same category as vodka and Red Bull. Not great, but does the trick for a night of mayhem. 

Fresh fruit makes all the difference

Enter this wonderful margarita made with actual fruit juice. Seriously, it’s a game changer for all of you novices out there like me who suffered from the delusion margs were supposed to taste like sweet and sour mix. Ickkkk.

Sure, it takes a little longer to make, but the reward is a perfectly balanced drink that will quench anyone’s thirst on a summer evening.

Make a pitcher

If hand muddling each drink isn’t your thing, make this pitcher-style. Throw all the fruit in a big bowl. Mash it like crazy, strain and combine all the ingredients in whatever vessel you are using to serve and ooh la! You’ve got drinks for a crowd or just you for up to 3 days. 

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  • Author: Jennifer Richmond
  • Prep Time: 15 minutes
  • Total Time: 15 minutes
  • Yield: 1 margarita 1x


Courtesy of Amor y Tacos

By: Deborah Schneider



2 lemon slices

2 lime slices

2 orange slices

1.5 oz agave blanco tequila

¾ oz Cointreau

¾ oz agave nectar (or simple syrup)

Ice cubes


In a mixing glass or shaker, middle the citrus sliced. Add ice, tequila, orange liqueur and agave nectar, close and sake vigorously for 15 seconds. Strain into a glass with ice cubes.


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