This recipe is by far the most requested recipe I’m asked to make for parties. And if I’m being totally honest, I’m not a huge fan of making them. When I was married, it was easier. I could send my husband out to the grill. He could stand there feeling all manly playing with fire and flipping meat, while I finished things up in a nice, air-conditioned kitchen.

But sans partner, I find myself dreading standing over a grill, sweating through my new party top, stinking of a charcoal fire. Be that as it may, these ribs are soooo f***ing good, I suffer through. I find myself grilling them time and time again, and damn if they don’t always disappear before I sit down.


Galbi literally translates to rib in Korean. But Galbi, or Kalbi as it is also known, mainly refers to a Korean BBQ dish made with marinated short ribs and then grilled over an open flame.

Unlike the small round short ribs you normally find in your local grocery or meat market, Kalbi is sliced thin across the bone creating long strips of meat. Unfortunately, this means you will have to go specifically to a Korean or Asian market to purchase them.

But lucky you! How cool is it to experience far off cultures within your own city limits!?!


Not only will you need time to procure your Korean ribs and ingredients, the ribs must marinate for at least 8 hours before you can grill them. That being said, it will give you plenty of time to prepare other things, straighten the house, and obsess about how you really want to wear that new dress, but don’t really want to BBQ in it.


Simply put, when made right, these sweet and savory ribs are one of the most glorious forms of charred meat you will ever experience. Thank you Korea for making and sharing such AMAZING food! And thank you Korean Bapsang for always giving me the most delicious recipes.

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