Hello There!

If you clicked open our blog, you are probably wondering why it’s so empty. Seriously though, you probably thought there might be some useful information on here or at the very least some generic status updates that would reveal something extra about me or my little company.

Well the truth is, I’ve been busy – very busy avoiding writing this blog. I have found every possible reason to justify why not to be writing this. Is a blog cliché? Will anyone actually read this? Who really cares about what you are doing? After a long and heated internal debate and some cheap white wine, I decided that maybe I did have some interesting perspectives to share and some useful advice. Of course everyone and everything seems more interesting when wine is involved, but we will all overlook that for now.

My business is really only half about design. I say half, because I spend the same amount of time educating my clients as I do creating something for them. That is the best reason for working with a professional. We are experts that can answer just about any question you have and also lead you towards the best decisions and outcomes possible. Not to mention, we always have our fingers on the pulse of every exciting new trend and technique.

So to all of my past, present and future clients reading this, or just fans that like what I do, stay tuned for some great ideas, tips and advice for weddings, parties, galas and anything else worth celebrating.



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